Monday, November 25, 2013

Idea to Story, Part Two.

Previously, in Idea to Story,  I talked about Dr. Snickerdoodle and the tales of his youth.

Now I have an idea about a young man who cared very little for others feelings, a bully who possessed sheer animal magnetism. One of those people you just know that their comeuppance will be an ugly, ugly experience.

This begins the first draft. The first draft is about getting the basics out of your head. For most writers, the first draft includes notes, photographs or drawings of the characters, and the framework of where you want to go.

I do most of my brainstorming and first drafting by hand. Everyone is different, of course. Some writers can do it all on the keyboard.

I like handwriting since it gives me a chance to scratch things out, doodle, and go in multiple directions without worrying too much about making sense. The idea is to explore the limits of the idea. Is is a short story or full length novel? What is the setting like? Who the heck are these people??

I set my pen to paper and let it flow forth without thinking too much. Once I start thinking, I get uptight about what the story needs - setting, description, strong active verbs, shorter sentences here, longer sentences there, blah, blah, blah, you know the rest.

That comes in the second draft phase.

The first draft is about experimenting. Do what you need to do to free yourself. Go to the library or a coffee shop or the local playground or bird sanctuary or zoo or whatever and play with the idea.

And that messy, joyous, crazy, unorganized piece of weirdness is your first draft.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Into the Fire: Goddess Fish Book Tour!

Today, I am pleased to announce a blog tour visit from Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue, authors of Into the Fire!

By the way, the authors are giving away a $25 Amazon gift certificate to a randomly drawn commenter! Check out theRafflecopter Give away HERE!

And now, the excerpt!

“Tell me! Who was I with?”

“Zoe…and Jason.”

“What?” I screeched and scurried away from him to huddle on the edge of the bed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Zoe was in Massachusetts and was probably dead, and Jason…Jason was…I didn’t know. Why would I have been with Jason? Nothing was making sense. Scrunching my eyes closed, I tried to remember, but the harder I tried, the more my head hurt. Panic churned within me, making me feel sick. My heart beat heavily, like my blood was too thick, and my lungs felt constricted.

“Dani,” Gabe said, and I felt the bed shift behind me. He scooted closer, joining me on the edge of the bed and draping his arm over my bare shoulders. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Only when I looked up at him did I realize tears were streaking down my cheeks. “I don’t want to think about them…about any of it,” I told him. “If they’re gone…I just want to forget. I just want to be here, with you.”

“Dani, I think we should…”

I tilted my face up, leaning in closer to the safety and comfort of his body. “What?”

“Probably not be…”

“What?” I asked, raising my hand to his face. I brushed my thumb over his chin, feeling the rough stubble covering it, and angled his face lower.

“In here, doing this.” He breathed in jerkily when my thumb brushed across his full lower lip. It was soft and dry and begging to be kissed.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I whispered, closing the distance between us.


Lindsey Fairleigh lives her life with one foot in a book—as long as that book transports her to a magical world or bends the rules of science. Her novels, from post-apocalyptic to time travel and historical fantasy, always offer up a hearty dose of unreality, along with plenty of adventure and romance. When she's not working on her next novel, Lindsey spends her time reading and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. She lives in the Napa Valley with her loving husband and confused cats.

Lindsey Pogue has always been a little creative. As a child she established a bug hospital on her elementary school soccer field, compiled books of collages as a teenager, and as an adult, expresses herself through writing. Her novels are inspired by her observations of the world around her--whether she's traveling, people watching, or hiking. When not plotting her next story line or dreaming up new, brooding characters, Lindsey's wrapped in blankets watching her favorite action flicks or going on road trips with her own leading man.


To buy!

Into The Fire (The Ending, #2) - not available yet
After The Ending (The Ending, #1) -

Barnes & Noble:
Into The Fire (The Ending, #2) - not available yet

Into The Fire (The Ending, #2) - not available yet  
After The Ending (The Ending, #1) – not available yet

Into The Fire (The Ending, #2) - not available yet  
After The Ending (The Ending, #1) – not available yet