Monday, December 26, 2016

Self-Care: Retreats

The Forest Grove Grand Lodge.
A retreat is a form of radical self-care. It's not always (or usually) possible. If you are in financial tough times, I recommend getting a cheap notebook and scoping some time during your lunch break to empty your brain into it.

You get some time away from your normal schedule and develop your ability to see the trends and patterns that are good for you.

 Back in November of 2016, I took a two-day retreat to clarify my life and my writing. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a local chain of brew-pubs and hotels called McMenamins.

Buy it HERE.
I went to the Forest Grove Grand Lodge. Here I had several hours to journal, soak, think, and write. (Yeah, and take lots of pictures of the awesome artwork.) I finished my upcoming novella, Keeping It Up (to be released in January 2017), a sequel to Vamping It Up.

Retreats are perfect for refreshing your intelligent, sexy, and curious selves. (If I may be so immodest, allow me to recommend Vamping It Up as a great retreat book!) 

Ok, back on track.

If you can, find a place that is really pretty.
Explore your environment.

You get some time away from your normal schedule and develop your ability to see the trends and patterns that are good for you.

What feeds your head and your soul the best? Written words? Visual Art? Music? Scent? I like to check out art books from the library and read them for a mini-retreat if I don't have time for a proper get-away. 
Isn't this the perfect place to dream?

Gorgeous view out those windows.

McMenamins' locations are known for their whimsical art.

Serious Whimsy.

This was on the ceiling of my room.

A little face to watch over my fire alarm.

My room number: I was almost James Bond.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Welcome back!

Me, confused and irritated.
Hello, again! I've taken the last few months for a complete re-working of my blog direction. Since I started this blog in 2009 (wow! SEVEN YEARS of blogging), I've been scattershot, talking about what catches my eye for the moment.

I found myself getting irritated with that approach. I wanted to be more focused, more dynamic. I looked through my life and saw some themes that I want to explore.
Beauty is everywhere.

I believe that self-care, self-love, and beauty are necessities. I want my blog to reflect strategies and thoughts on how to bring more of these into our lives.

Audre Lord, spelling it out for us.
I want everyone to be able to create the literary life they want. I think we should be able to have a live that is harmonious between our make-a-living day and our dreams, especially for women. Double especially for women of color.

This will be a space for the curious, the sex-positive, and the explorer.

Lucy, the mother of us all.

Let's play!