Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rolling with it.

Photo by Michael Baxter.
In Belly Dance, there is a section of the music called the "Taqsim". It is a Turkish word meaning "Solo" or "Solo action".

For a taqsim, the music is completely improvised, much like a live jazz solo. This means the dancer completely improvises as well. She has no idea what will come at her next. When the dancer and the musician are connected, it becomes an intimate and profound performance that binds the spectators, the band, and the dancer together.

The solo/taqsim is often a slow piece of music (but it does not have to be!). When the dancer moves slowly, we can see every thought, every impulse for her actions.

It is hypnotic, peaceful, and strong.

Going slow in writing creates this same sense of wonder. Writers can get so caught up in page count, word count, number of submissions in this quarter- anything that is quantifiable, really.

In this time of hibernation, racing from plot point to plot point can create anxiety. Go slow. Dig deep. Show us your passion.


  1. I tried posting a comment (so if you get this more then once--forgive me).
    I thought this a perfect piece to read today--I've been struggling and you're right--we race. Why not dig deep and go slow.

  2. GO slow, be deliberate, and find meaning in what you do. :) So fitting today. :) Hugs to you.