Monday, March 28, 2016

Pornography vs. erotica.

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Seriously, I'm so sick of this discussion. I feel that John Preston, famous gay advocate and pornographer, wrote the last words on this tedious debate back in 1993.

"For as long as I have been involved with pornography, there has been a great deal of pressure to disown it. As I gained some status as a writer, critics and friends invited me to classify my erotic stories and novels as "erotica". There is an attempt to somehow separate some sexual works as being aesthetically or politically more acceptable than other works. People would try to say that my sexual writing - or Samuel Steward's or someone else's - was "too good"  to be discarded as pornography. I disown that distinction completely. Pornography and erotica are the same thing. The only difference is that erotica is the stuff bought by rich people; pornography is what the rest of us buy."
From My Life as a Pornographer (emphasis mine).

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