Monday, August 3, 2015

Women Entrepreneurs: Banu Ramkrishna

Dr. Ramnkrishna is on the right.
The Women Entrepreneur series is back and I'm thrilled to present Banu Ramkrishna, dentist and business owner extraordinary!

I spend a lot of time on this blog with writers and other artists  so it was a real delight to interview a female entrepreneur who works in the demanding medical field. And here we go. Take it away, Dr. Ramkrishna!

What is the name of your business and what do you tell other people you do?

Cooper Mountain Dental. I am a dentist.

     How long have you been self-employed? What convinced you to become an entrepreneur?

I still work my other job part time and am fortunate enough to be able to do this the rest of my time. I will eventually be working at my own practice full time in the future.  I like to call the shots and deliver the level of care
I think is appropriate without being dictated to meet goals by corporate talking heads. I wanted to have a neighborhood practice and deliver a high quality product in terms of dentistry.

1     Entrepreneurs rarely stay in one place. How many careers have you had?

If that’s the case, I guess I am still early in my path. This is the first business I have owned.

What are some of the aspects of your current job that people don’t see?

Maybe cost of delivering the care they receive? LOL! All jokes aside delivery of dental care is expensive and our overheads are high, cost of equipment, supplies and I have to pay my employees a living wage. Sometimes people don’t realize that. I am involved in all aspects of delivery of care, from selection of materials, to hiring the right staff, staying up to date on various regulations. Just like any other small business owner.

1 Who and what inspires you on those inevitable rough days?
 I have a great business partner and we find that our energies interact well and we have some opposite strengths and weaknesses.
A comfy and welcoming office!

Name a few of your current projects.

We are running a New Patient promo for $65 for a new patient exams and $45 for a regular dental cleaning. This is great value for our patients who are cash paying.

1    What are your recommendations for women who are interested in pursuing self-employment?
  I would advise anybody that dreams of doing anything to find a way to accomplish it. I know this is an oft repeated cliche but 'You only live once'. Why not do those things you find satisfying? Don't be intimidated at the prospect of making mistakes or not knowing everything about everything. There are experts out there who are good at the details and available to help. You can learn as you go. Believe in yourself!!

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