Monday, September 29, 2014

Vamping It Up: In Production!

It's all about the junk.
I have finished my edits of Vamping It Up, an erotic coming-of-age novella. I'm attempting a mid-October release - just in time for a sexy, Halloween read. :)

Here is an excerpt from Chapter One.

His high, round ass, the only fleshy part of his physique, moved easily under his jean shorts as he shifted back and forth against the sway of the bus. Those shorts were low enough to show a teasing strip of heather grey boxer-briefs, but not low enough to make him waddle like a penguin.
Always a turn off, that, Holly thought.
His tight butt promised he could fuck all day. Holly rubbed at the sweat collecting on her collarbones. She wanted his narrow hips between her thighs, his package rubbing against the crotch of her panties under her dress. His long arms would brace him above her, giving him a great view of her face and breasts as he teased her, promising he would enter her, but at his own pace. He would demand she fall apart underneath him and she’d scream and scream and scream….

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lunch with 10 Awesome People: The first response!

Mel and his late wife, Anne Bancroft
I just got the most awesome rejection letter from... *drum roll* ...Mel Brooks and his assistant, Shelby Van Vliet.

I'm thrilled that someone actually read my letter and I got a response. 

Poor Mel is too busy to write me personally, but he thanked me for my kind words and kinder invitation.

Mel! Take a vacation now and again!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ten Awesome People: The Lunch Project with Kenneth Branagh

The third person on my Lunch Project is the ridiculously talented Kenneth Branagh.

I first saw him in his version of Henry V, released in 1989. I have always loved Shakespeare, but this version was something completely mind blowing! Fast, passionate, relentless - at no point did he let the weight of the "Shakespeare Mystique" drag down the pace. I have been a fan ever since (not rabid, because I'm not crazy that way).

I want to pick his writer and director brain. I'm fascinated with pace and brilliant characterization. I want to know what he's learned about storytelling in his years of work.

What is your favorite Kenneth Branagh work?

Monday, September 8, 2014

10 Awesome People: The Lunch Project with Mel Brooks

I sent my second letter in my Lunch Project to the awesome Mel Brooks!

Who wouldn't want to have a meal with this ground breaking comic? He references such crimes as the Inquisition, the Holocaust, race relations, and fraud with grace, flair, and incredible comedic timing.

I re-watched Blazing Saddles last month - my first time since I was in my early twenties. What a brilliant satire! And of course, he pokes fun at movies that take themselves too seriously.

Wish me good luck! I hope he accepts my invitation.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ten Awesome People: The Lunch Project With Pam Grier

In the weeks since I first posted my dream list of awesome people to thank with lunch (here), I've written two letters and sent them.

I sent the first letter to the amazing Pam Grier. She seems so friendly and approachable, I thought she'd be a great person to meet.

Things I admire about Ms. Grier:

  1. She was the first woman of color on the cover of Ms. Magazine!
  2. Her work in film and television shows us how far we have come and how far we have to go.
  3.  The film Jackie Brown forced me to think about the impact on race and racism in my own writing.
  4. She's a history geek (me too!!), into animal rights, and a feminist. 
  5. Her Twitter is awesome.
How could I not want to thank her? Of course, I was terrified at first, but then, hey, it's just lunch. Even if she says no, I've still let her know how much I admire her work.

Who would you have lunch with?