Friday, August 16, 2013

Predator and Prey

Here's a teaser from my short story, Predator and Prey, available here at, 
for a mere $.99!

 “’Police Stymied by Latest Co-ed Murder’. Excellent.” Stewart giggled over his Google results. The next headline made him smile even more. Propped on his lumpy green sofa, he clicked on the link. His sweaty fingers slipped on the laptop’s touchpad but the article opened.
Shrieks of laughter outside his efficiency apartment crashed through his concentration. He winced. Swell. People. He cranked his head to see out his big front window. A young couple lingered in front of the vacancy across the narrow yard. Even worse. New neighbors.
There were two reasons he lived in this old remodeled hotel: the absentee management and the quiet. Noise irritated him.
     With the curtains gaping, those people could see right into his place, too. He pushed off the couch and opened his front door. There, hidden behind the mesh of his screen door, he stared unimpeded across the narrow yard between the two single story buildings.
Their keys fell to the ground with a clank. For some inane reason, this made them throw their heads back in giddy laughter. The man picked up the key ring and fitted one into an apartment. The woman tittered as she propped open their screen door. Her adoring eyes never left her partner’s face. Shiny matching gold bands twinkled off their fingers.
     Stewart stared through their uncurtained window as the wife – rosy cheeked, with tiny bejeweled ears, long curly light blonde hair, a curvy figure, and a gorgeous smile – put down her package in the middle of the small apartment. She laughed again and spun in a circle. Her hair lifted away from her body. Stewart raised his eyebrows at the way her breasts swayed. Her companion, a tall, broad shouldered blond, looked at the woman, a besotted expression on his face.
     Stewart smiled and plucked at the corners of his moustache. This had promise.

And a review, from Brian Enigma!
A quick flash of story that starts out feeling formulaic, but pays off with a delightful and dark twist that I'm sure would make fans of Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman happy. 

Only .$99!

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