Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taste the Desire, Part Five

Chapter One, continued.

As he neared her door, he reached inside his suit jacket. Like a magician pulling a chainsaw from a top hat, the former angel drew a pistol the size of Valerie’s forearm.
Valerie raised an eyebrow. Or he could be the universe’s stupidest assassin.
She assessed her situation.
     Him: Older, meaner, with the advantage of calling high-powered backup.
     Her: Pregnant, tired, hungry, pissed-off, and trapped in a small enclosed space.
     The odds were bad.
     Just the way she liked it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taste the Desire, Part Four

Chapter One, continued.

His lack of originality told Valerie that this was not one of the Fallen who had chosen to ride the Wheel to redemption. He had remained loyal to Lucifer. In short, Lucifer’s cannon fodder. His slow ramble toward her dilapidated room did not reveal any danger. He might be insipid, but he also might be good for a laugh.
The dusty gravel cracked and rolled under his feet. His suit rubbed against itself, the expensive fabric shushing in a pleasing fashion. He was making sure she knew he was there. If he’d been coming to kill her, he would have materialized in her room and destroyed her as she lay resting.
As the Fallen neared her door, his innately chaotic nature tugged at her already-sensitive nipples. Paranormal beings had been created to keep the Fallen company. Perhaps this one came to provide solace for her heartbroken state, one lost creature to another. She wouldn’t love him, but at least they would understand each other.
Besides, she had heard the best way to get over someone was to get under someone else. She doubted it, though. Since the 1400s, Valerie had bared herself to only two lovers: her wife, Ilona, and then Lance. Each of them had destroyed her, freezing her emotions with devastating regret and fear.
Sadly, she set aside any thoughts of a distracting seduction.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taste the Desire: Part three

Chapter One, Continued.

Her eyes stung with tears. Lance’s angelic blood and her subsequent pregnancy had weakened her. Not physically—she was still as strong as ever. In fact, Lance’s painful gifts had increased her powers. But it had humanized her as well. Now she wept. Wept! A six-hundred-year-old vampire crying at the slightest provocation? She had executed her own wife without a single moan. Now, she whined like a hungry puppy when she remembered how Lance left her behind. That was nothing compared to her past.
 She drew back her arm to punch the thin wall by the window, sick of her fragility. As her fist arrowed to shatter the cut-rate plaster, she regained her self-control. Her knuckles lightly tapped the faded gray of the wall.
Stop it. Six months of her pathetically weak will letting her think of what she no longer had. That was then. This was now.
Lance wasn’t worth any more of her time. There was a Fallen Angel to watch. She had to stay focused.
In addition to his dull aura, his overly neat, shiny Italian suit and highly fashionable skinny tie betrayed his vanity. The high-end narrow jacket emphasized his sensual build. Honesty forced her to admit that the Angelic Host didn’t exactly have what could be called fashion sense. All that gleaming white could get old for the flamboyant sort.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dracula's Desire: Taste the Desire, part two

Chapter One

What in hell was a Fallen Angel doing in Geneva, Switzerland?
That caustic brimstone stench could warn a city of half-dead humans with nose colds busily shoveling manure, let alone a solitary vampire minding her own business. Valerie Tate set aside her ancient manuscript about vampires and looked out her cheap hotel room’s filthy window to take stock of the newcomer.
Aching from yesterday’s long drive from Amsterdam to Geneva, she put her hands on the small of her back and stretched, counterbalancing the weight of her six-months’-pregnant stomach.
She wasn’t interested in being a mother, but her curiosity demanded that she see what happened. Right now, an emissary from Lucifer was happening.
The Fallen appeared as a handsome young man. His sleek swimmer’s build combined with pale skin, and cornflower blue eyes gave him an innocent, wistful air. If he’d been human, she would have contemplated the taste of his blood. Unfortunately, his aura was a sickeningly depressing shade of beige. He had no passion, no flavor. He was a follower.
Valerie preferred fiery men. A man like Lance Soliel, whose aura crackled with ardor, whose hot mouth and hotter intellect had captured her dead and frozen heart.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dracula's Desires: Taste the desire.

To celebrate the release of Dracula's Desires, I'm going to release little snippets of the first two chapters here at my blog.

On a wild, evil night in 1431 AD, Vlad II Dracul’s second son was born. The parents named their child Vlad III, after his father. This child grew up to become one of the most famous torturers in the world: Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Tepes, best known as Dracula. The stories of his atrocities grew even greater when he refused death and became the legendary vampire.

     Throughout the centuries, the younger Vlad allied himself with leaders who promised an orderly, centralized government that would control an unruly, chaotic Europe. His goal came to the end when he died in Berlin, another dupe used by Hitler to achieve his crazed goals.

The problem with once-upon-a-time stories? They get the important things wrong.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

And the winner is....

During my blog tour, I promised that one lucky ducky would win this hand-painted fan. And please give a great round of applause to:

Ms. BN100cand graciously commented during my tour, and won not just the fan, but an eKensington sampler booklet!

Thank you BN! You rock, and may you remain cool. :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


At 2:30 am this morning, I emailed Book Three of the Blood Wings series to my editor, Martin Biro at Kensington!!

My goal for today, I intend clean the house, read, and NAP!