Monday, September 28, 2015

Curse of the Spider Woman!

Of course, Curse of the Spider Woman is a Linda Mercury novel, and no novel of mine is complete without a passionate love story.

My centaur hero and my spider heroine have some serious history behind them, and it has really messed with their attraction.Let's have a peek, shall we?

      She rolled onto her back, away from him.
       “Where the fuck are you going?” he asked. He flipped her over to her belly. This was the position his stallion preferred. His primitive centaur instincts battered his discipline. He had to have her, had to mate with her, fill her, fuck her, tie her to him with the fragile bonds of pleasure until she would never leave him again.
       No more exile in the human world. She would be his mare, his herd. He leaned over and set his teeth in her shoulder, as a breeding mortal horse would.

Monday, September 21, 2015

It's a countdown! Part Two.

Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry
Curse of the Spider Woman is a combination of James Bond meeting Greek Mythology. But with consensual sex.

One of the fun parts of the manuscript was writing the epic poetry that parallels the main story.  My heroine is an aficionado of Homer, and writes her own epics.

Here's some to whet your appetite.

Curse of the Spider Woman
An epic poem
By Rachel Havelock

Rage I sing, and death also,
The tale of curs├ęd women, their deaths
The sacrifice demanded by
Grey-eyed Athena,
Keeper of the ground of Greece.

Arachne, the weaver, the spider,
Doomed by the pricked pride of
The white-armed Goddess, her daughters
To die before the blooming
Of their lives.

All died, all mourned
Until the last flew across the
Wine-dark sea to
Defy the Goddess.

Monday, September 14, 2015

It's a countdown!

I love coffee. I love coffee. I love coffee.
Curse of the Spider woman will be for sale before Halloween!

I am writing fast and trying to complete everything - and I do mean everything, from editing to formatting to pushing the publishing button (and hopefully ordering the print copies in time for my release party!)- before the 17th.

For this, I'm "Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keyboard" like mad. So before I go back into my writing cave, I'm going to leave you with a teaser from my new book.

The first paragraph:

Look at that. The great god Hades gathering flowers on the riverbank like a lazy milkmaid.” The lieutenant of the Heirs of Socrates sneered. “Our emasculated gods no longer care about the people of Greece.” Despite the touch of silver in his own hair, the lieutenant still knew himself to be virile and manly. Not the sort who would wander like a barefoot hippie to appease his spoilt wife.
  More to come!