Monday, July 28, 2014

Greetings from the Slush Pile

Every author has to cut scenes she loves from a book. Today we visit one cut from Dracula's Secret. I loved the sensuality and the ideas of traditional femininity. But it slowed down the plot to a snail's pace, so it had to go.

      Valerie examined the headless body in front of her. This might be the most difficult thing she had ever faced. She touched the pit of her neck, the rest of her petrified by the sight.
      The dressmaker’s dummy, dressed in exquisite sunset orange European silk and cream-colored lace, paralyzed her.
      Jane’s Vanity was a small, unassuming, and thoroughly intimidating lingerie store. The vampire took a hesitant step towards the door and clutched the door handle. Her vision wavered. Hundreds of years of habit held her outside the store. Valerie had never worn any sort of sexually attractive undergarments since she’d begun dressing as a woman. Her quest had kept her focused on the all-consuming goal. Her expensive outerwear had been an investment in camouflage and disguise. Honesty forced her to admit that she had bought her dragon-embroidered coat for pleasure.
      Now she had the chance to wear something for pleasure. A terrifying thought.
      Fearlessness, she reminded herself as she swung open the gleaming door. A little bell rang cheerily as she entered the tiny store. As Valerie stroked a Belgian lace parasol, a small drama unfolded before her.  A shy-looking Indian woman swung a pink silk gown off the rack and held it in front of herself. The color brought out the gleam of her thick black hair and brought a healthy warmth to her brown skin. She smoothed the fabric against her body as she looked in the mirror.
      Valerie licked her lips at the sound of skin on silk, heat building in her belly. Centuries as a man had given her a deep seated appreciation of women.

Want to read the real story of Dracula? Read Dracula's Secret!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting in touch with the Ten People I want to buy lunch for!

Gala Darling
Andy Serkis
In case you forgot, I'm on a campaign to buy lunch for ten inspiring people.

 This is a huge project, and kind of scary, too. Who am I to think that official Industry Big Wigs would want to have lunch with a small-time romance writer?

But faint heart never won cool lunch dates! 

Therefore, I swiped Alexandra Franzen's email template and I adapted it to this project.

Dear Andy Serkis,
Life is too short for long messages, so I’ll hop right to the point. I want to buy you lunch.

I am a writer and I love how you bring such complicated characters to life. Here’s the “no-pressure” request: if you’re open to it, I’d like to buy you lunch and learn how to do what you do.

So you know that I'm not a complete nutbar, I'm including a free copy of my short horror story, Predator and Prey. I hope it makes you smile!

Thanks so much. Over to you!

Linda Mercury

PS. If you’d like to learn a bit more about my Lunch with Awesome People Project, you’ll find some neat info over here:


And that is my draft! Suggestions? Comments? Thoughts? Who would be on your 10 Awesome People list?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Courting the Chippendale's dancers.

Last week, I did something I'd wanted to do since I was in high school:

I saw the Chippendales show!!
Me and the boys. Aren't they wonderful sports?
 The venue was at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas. What a group of talented men - they can sing, they can dance, they can make taking off a pair of gloves incredibly sexy.

I asked their dance captain if  I could interview him. Of course, the Chippendales are an internationally renowned dance troupe, and I'm a romance writer, but I really want to know their opinions on a number of subjects. Here are the questions I came up with before (and after) the show.

1. Chippendales has been at the forefront of women's sexual liberation since 1979. How have the shows and the fantasies changed? What remains the same?

2. What three pieces of advice would you give to men to be more confident in their sexuality?

3. Quite frankly, the men of Chippendales know how to work in front of a camera. Can you share the secrets of how to pose??